Rust and Bone Review

I recently downloaded Rust and Bone from iTunes and have watched it three times since. There were loads of things I loved about the film including it being set in Cannes, having whales in it and also starring Marion Cotillard. Matthias Schoenaerts was also in the film who played a character who was likable but not in your typical leading man kind of way.

The film sees the two main characters build a relationship after Cotillard’s character suffers an accident. Another thing I liked about the film is the fact that you don’t know much about the story line until you watch the film. There are so many films nowadays that give everything away in the trailers but Rust and Bone shocked and surprised me.

Watching a French film makes a change from the normal Hollywood films. It was more gritty and dark and cinematically was astounding. Cannes made a beautiful set and made me want to head back to the south of France straight away. The soundtrack as well was brilliant including a lot of Bon Iver and some Lykke Li.

They filmed a couple of scenes in a club called Le Annex which I am determined to find when we next go to France. Maybe Marion Cotillard will be there.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Fancy dress is stressful
  • Also watched Identity Theif this week which was good
  • I miss going to the cinema
  • Forgot how boring applying for jobs is
  • The internet in Kamanga is extremely annoying
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