Apres Ski

As the winter season continues we have been doing the usual skiing, drinking, working combination. This week has been no different apart from our day off was a little more dramatic. It started off with a lie in, then going for some lunch, napping and debating whether I could be bothered to go to Hennu Stall for apres. After deciding skiing had been written off for the day we decided to sledge down the red slope from Furi to the bar. I was a little worried about sledging as last time we went there were a few accidents but I was too tired and lazy to walk so went anyway.

We had our usual ritual of dancing on stages, bars and barrels and then were planning to move onto the next bar in town so started to walk. A few skiied down while others sledged but I decided to take the pitch black path with steps which was a struggle in my current state. Once at the bottom of the slope I saw a crowd of people and realised I had two missed calls. Turns out on the way home from the bar a drunk skiing crashed into my friend on the side of the slope slicing open her leg in three places. After a bloody taxi journey to the doctors we realised that it wasn’t broken just cut badly and need 14 stitches in all. Me and my friend however found it hilarious in our current drunk state which at the time was a good thing or I think I would have passed out after looking at the blood.

My friend had a lucky escape and could have easily broken her leg. Going for apres is such a massive part of a skiing holiday and in hundred of resorts bars are uphill and require a ski down after drinks. It is the only thing that combines drinking alcohol and doing an extreme sport that is practically encouraged. There is nothing that regulates how much we drink before skiing or anything that controls people who shouldn’t ski down. I suppose when people are willing to buy 8 shots at 5 francs each they’re not going to turn down business. Stitches come out in two weeks.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Watched Rust and Bone today and it was brilliant
  • Can’t wait to go to Cannes again
  • I’ve started documenting my ski season
  • I burn’t my tongue on porridge a few days ago and it still hurts
  • I’ve been cooking for seven people in four pans all week as my oven has broken017 029 041 060 063 064
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