Django Unchained Review

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film has taken me a while to get around to watching but it was worth the two hours 45 minutes to watch. There are a lot of things I liked about the film like the classic Tarantino one liners, great soundtrack and amazing cast. I’ve always been a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio as Titanic is my favourite film to watch whilst hungover. His character in Django Unchained is brilliant once you get over how bad his teeth are. His psychopathic southern ways contrast with his salesman charm to create another iconic character created by Tarantino.

Jamie Foxx definitely has the best one liners throughout the film as well as some bad ass suede bright blue suits and epic slow motion scenes. Himself and Leo were my favourites in the film but it was nice to see Samuel L. Jackson return in a Tarantino film although I didn’t like his character as he gave me the creeps. Jonah Hill and Tarantino himself appeared as cameo roles and the cast also starred Richard from Sex and the City.

Typically there was enough blood and guts to keep up with the high standards of gore that can be found in Tarantino films. There were many moments throughout the film that made my stomach turn including men getting eaten by dogs and so many people getting shot along with revolting sound effects of blood being splattered everywhere. One shoot out must have included 30 people getting killed and blood being spurted all over the set which reminded me of the Crazy 88 scene from Kill Bill as well as the final scene of Scarface.

Although I really enjoyed seeing some new Tarantino material I still prefer the Kill Bills. Everything was great about the film but I feel like the story line lacked depth and was literally about Django getting his wife back. I’m still waiting for Kill Bill 3 in which The Bride’s first victim’s daughter is now grown up and takes her own revenge on Uma.

Thoughts from this week:

  • It’s been quite refreshing not writing about skiing 
  • I used to hate Conor Maynard but he’s now grown on me
  • Having a sore throat is so annoying
  • Everytime I watch Murray play tennis he loses
  • I’m now making tough decisions in life with a magic 8 ball app I downloaded this week

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