Better late than never

I do realise that this blog entry is horrendously late compared to the usual early week blog posts but as my parents have been staying in my chalet this week, it has been a bit mental. Trying to find the balance between working and being on holiday has been tricky as well as trying to cram in as much skiing as possible along side a bit of socialising with my friends, however this week has been a very good one. I’ve done the most skiing I’ve done since arriving in Zermatt and now feel like I know my way around the slopes a little bit better.

Having the family in Zermatt has made me realise how much the outside world seems to be slipping away. I forget that Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago and that people have been off work for what seems an eternity. I am making a conscious effort to stay connected to the news back home but the news from last nights antics always seems to grab my attention first.

Half being on holiday and half working had made me think how tiring skiing holidays actually are. I have done twice as much skiing as I have during the other few weeks I’ve been here and I am exhausted. After spending a couple of days skiing badly due to a hangover and battling through powder I am hoping tomorrow will be the best skiing day I’ve ever had, before saying goodbye to my family for a few more months on Sunday.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I will post next weeks blog entry on time
  • The Foo Fighters Back and Forth film is amazing
  • Icona Pop I love it is the song of the season
  • Currently running low on money and energy
  • I would really like to have a chalet assistant

023 042056 059 064

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