New Years in Zermatt

I am still recovering from a great New Years Eve last night and after nonchalantly serving my guests today I am whacked. Zermatt hosted a street party last night in the square which every seasonaire, guest and local seemed to be at. After a couple of hours skiing and half an hour apres skiing we then ploughed through service and were predrinking by 10pm. It’s pretty lucky that there was a street party as we couldn’t afford to get into the clubs because of the 90 franc entrance free.

One of the best things about being on a season for new year is not having the endless discussions, planning what to do or waiting for someone to offer to have a house party which has happened for the past few years. One bad thing about being in Zermatt for new year is it is slippy and drunk people plus slippy surfaces has resulted in many bruises.

Skiing has been really good this week. We went to Cervinia on Saturday which had blue skies, wide runs and great snow. As tomorrow is our day off we’re hoping to head out there again and get some cheap pizza and then apres hard. So glad I don’t have to cook tomorrow.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Spraying champagne into a crowd is harder than it looks
  • New Years resolution is to ride a segway
  • Been skiing whilst listening to Jose Gonzalez which is nice
  • I’ve got a stinking cold
  • Five days until the family hits Zermatt

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One Response to New Years in Zermatt

  1. Geo says:

    Happy New Year. Nearly get to see you! We must skype soon. I have a cold too! xx

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