Chalet hosts work the hardest

I’m still coming to terms with how much work and effort being a chalet host is and I’ve only been doing it for two days. I’m looking forward to getting into a routine of prepping, cooking and cleaning so I can be super fast and spend more time in bars and skiing.

When I actually think about it I could be working a lot quicker but I’m pretty much tired all of the time at the moment which is slowing me down. My training of surviving on only a couple of hours sleep is going quite well. I made it into work for breakfast on time and managed to make three different types of egg after three hours sleep.

First guests arrived yesterday and it feels rewarding cooking for guests instead of just doing it for training purposes. Yesterday’s food went well and I was out of the chalet around 10.30pm then after the five minute walk back to our accommodation we were predrinking in our ‘halls’ for the first time in true uni style.

My first guests consist of a couple, a family of three and two friends which leaves a nice space at the dinner table for me. The first change over day went well apart from one guest turning up an hour early and another one four hours late. I’m now back at the accommodation waiting to head back to the chalet around 5pm to start dinner. Still yet to go skiing and it seems everyone in Zermatt has been today apart from me but tomorrow I will definitely be on the slopes. But for now I’m going to watch Pineapple Express and try and stay awake.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Having a Swiss phone is like having walkie talkies in resort
  • Been listening to a lot of Placebo and Incubus again which I’m enjoying
  • Found some American’s in Zermatt last night and now have five dollars in my pocket
  • A man lent us 20 francs to buy a sledge yesterday which would never happen in the UK
  • After cutting four peoples hair I now feel like a qualified hair dresser

044 043 042 041 040 046 045

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3 Responses to Chalet hosts work the hardest

  1. Geo says:

    Oh my god you are so cute! This looks amazing! So excited for second week in Jan! Counting down the days. xxx

  2. Need my haircut big time. Might make a trip to Switzerland after all.

  3. Alex says:

    Loving the photos!!! Keep going Chess, it does get easier!!!!

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