First week of the ski season

It’s now been a week since I left Reading and it’s been a pretty mad week. The first part of the coach journey took us to Les Arcs where we had our training which felt a lot like being back in a lecture hall at uni. I met loads of other people going to Zermatt which was good and I was trying my hardest to work out who I would be my new friends for the next five months.

After two days in Les Arcs we got back on the coach with our humongous bags, some without handles or wheels, to travel to Zermatt which should have taken around four hours and annoyingly took about ten. As one of my colleagues reminded me everything takes twice as long on a mountain which is definitely true. During training this week it has taken me twice as long to whisk egg whites with a hand whisk, carry boxes of wine up hills and trying to cut an onion with a hangover.

The past four days have been very long ones. Going to bed around 3am and getting up at 6am had been a challenge. My ability to stay away has shocked me although how productive I’ve been whilst awake is questionable. Living in a house full of people the same age as me feels a lot like uni apart from it’s a lot colder. It’s nice having loads of people around all the time and staying out till stupid o’clock then complaining for hours about how hungover we all are.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I don’t like ski reps
  • Shout out to all my new friends
  • Kamanga is my new halls
  • I am now on Swiss time and struggling to know what day it is hence why this blog is late
  • The Matterhorn is mental
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One Response to First week of the ski season

  1. Alex says:

    Im thinking you need to start adding photos to this blog please! X

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