Start of the ski season

After spending the morning packing then buying a bigger suitcase and then repacking all afternoon I am finally ready to leave the UK tomorrow. It’s been a hard day as I have had to leave half of what I originally wanted to take behind. It’s also been hard trying to work out what I’m actually going to be wearing throughout the season. Is there any point taking a shirt that needs ironing? Will four hoodies be enough? Only time will tell.

I’ve spent the weekend saying my goodbyes to friends and family and also celebrating a mini Christmas early on as I’ll be in Zermatt for the real deal. One great thing about this is that I was the only one getting presents so it felt like a combo of my birthday and Christmas which was awesome. I went out on Friday night and thankfully many Christmas songs were playing towards the end of the night.

I checked the weather in Zermatt this morning and it was -11 degrees and there is lots of snow. I’m really looking forward to the fact that I can do all the snow activities everyone enjoys in the UK all day everyday. I’ll be able to make a snowman whenever I want!

I’m still finding it quite hard to believe that I am leaving to do a ski season. I’m looking forward to seeing the room which I’m going to be staying in for the next few weeks as well as my own chalet which I will be working in six days a week. But until I see all of that I have the lovely 28 hour coach journey to look forward to.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Packing is stressful!
  • It’s weird to think this time next week I’ll be skiing
  • Swiss francs are a crazy looking currency
  • End of Watch is brilliant film
  • I think my blogs will become a lot more interesting now they will be coming from Switzerland


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2 Responses to Start of the ski season

  1. glamskibum says:

    A shirt that needs ironing is okay if you only wear it from time to time, and 4 hoodies is enough! Waterproof winter boots + a change of dry socks and flats/sneakers when you get to work are the most important things. Have fun in Zermatt!!

  2. skiseasonaire says:

    Good luck! I am leaving on friday 🙂

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