Strictly Come Dancing Audience Experience

This weekend I was in London again with my Mum, to be in the audience of Strictly Come Dancing. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I’m a bit sad it’s all over now. We arrived in London at around 9 on Saturday morning, dropped our bags off at our hotel and went over to White City to the BBC studios. We got there around 10.30 and there were about 100 people queuing already.

A couple of hours later our tickets were validated and we went into Westfield shopping centre, after the Kardashains had left, then went back to go into the studios where we handed our phones in at the gates. On our way around I noticed Lisa Riley and Robin outside and started waving at them and then began to feel horrendously excited. We were showed to our seats and I couldn’t believe how small the dance floor and orchestra were. Our seats were to the right of where Bruno sat and a few rows back and after watching SCD and the results last night on Sky plus, sadly we were not on TV.

The excitement became too much for me as we were waiting for the show to start so I dashed to the toilet and on the way passed Welsh designer Julian McDonald. Without a camera or phone to ask for a photograph I didn’t know what to do but I knew I couldn’t walk past without saying anything. I just said hi and he said hi back and said he liked my top and then I said thanks. On the way back from the toilet I bumped into Len Goodman, who is a lot taller than I expected and we also exchanged hellos.

Only half an hour later I needed the toilet again due to all of the excitement. This time I passed Julian McDonald again and the well dressed man he was with asked me for the time and all I could do was reply with “I don’t know sorry, I’m lost without my phone!” On the way back they were still there and I had found out the time in the toilet, so I casually asked if they had found out the time and they said they had and that was the end of that.

I headed back to my seat once again and saw a tall man dressed in a grey Adidas tracksuit, he turned his head and I noticed it was Louis Smith and as cringey as it sounds it was an OMG moment. I again attempting to be casual, said “Hi Louis, good luck” and he replied with a thanks.

Although I did use the SCD opportunity to mingle with the celebs I was in total awe of the dancers throughout the whole time. I love all of the professional dancers, favourites including James, Robin and Anton. One of the highlights was seeing the judges, they are all amazing and would be the perfect dinner party guests. Craig elegantly entered the stage with a lovely round of pirouettes and they all seemed to be having great fun.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Excuse the longer than usual blog but Strictly eliminates all blog rules!
  • Finally listened to No Doubt’s new album and its really cool
  • I seem to be dreaming a lot about professional dancers at the moment
  • Out tonight for a friends birthday, so much for saving money
  • I want a job at the BBC for sure now!

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