The start of the goodbyes

For anyone who I haven’t spoken to recently I am leaving on December 4th to go to Switzerland for five months to work as a chalet host. Don’t worry my Monday night blogs will be coming to you from Zermatt. This weekend I went to London to visit some friends from uni and also attended the staff soiree to meet other people working a ski season this year. It was a great weekend but also made me realise that this is the start of the end. I have started saying things like “the next time I’ll see you will be after April” and “I won’t see you until next year.”

I know that five months isn’t a terribly long time but it’s strange saying bye to people knowing I won’t see them for ages and also makes me leaving the country seem a lot more real. The weekends until I go are quickly becoming booked up. There are so many things I wanted to do before I left which aren’t looking likely anymore. I wanted another night out in Manchester and to visit the Harry Potter studios, but I suppose I could do these things when I return.

My weekend in London was brilliant and I definitely want to move there pretty soon. There’s always something going on in London and so much to look at. One thing I did learn this weekend is that London is massive. Although I already knew that it was big I didn’t know that if you are somewhere in North London and you need to be in South London it’s like going from Manchester to Chester. But I’m sure this concept of London being huge is something I can overcome when I live there one day.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I’m going to watch Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday which I’m very excited about
  • Yet again I have become addicted to the new The Wanted song
  • I need to update my professional portfolio this week with my things from the BBC
  • Went to a drive in cinema tonight to see the new Silent Hill film and it was good but cold
  • I really need to stop spending money
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