My first day at the BBC

For those of you who I don’t have on facebook or twitter, I have started work experience at the BBC today. I am working with Radio Manchester at Media City in Salford. I have to say it’s a pretty amazing place. Even from being in the office for eight hours it’s clear to see that the BBC doesn’t mess around. As corny as it sounds, there’s a real buzz in the office.

I was very keen this morning and arrived at the office an hour early, better an hour early than an hour late! So after reading Harry Potter in my car for an hour I then made my way to Quay House. I met the team and sat in on the after Breakfast Show briefing where I met Allan Beswick and the producers, who had been working their shift since 5 am. I then went to have coffee with two of the producers on the top floor of the building with amazing views. We did the typical new work experience small talk where I told them what I’d done before and they were impressed, which made me feel pretty good.

After this there was a meeting to discuss tomorrow morning’s show where various items were discussed. For one of the items I was asked to go into Manchester city centre and record a vox pop. They asked me if I had done vox pops before and I said yes which is the truth, but usually my vox pop’s included interviewing my housemates and any other friends that were around that day.

Telling your friends to say the right thing for your vox pop is not very helpful when you’re standing in the middle of Manchester Piccadilly trying to get elderly Manc’s to give you a good quote about being old and living in Manchester. After hearing many people say “I don’t have the time” and “I’m not interested”, I managed to get a few old people to speak to me and within a few hours I was back in the office with an edited vox pop ready for the breakfast show.

Thoughts from this week:

  • This is a one off post on a Tuesday, continuity is important in a blog
  • It is so dark at 6 am I couldn’t believe it this morning
  • Next time someone tries to stop me in the street I will listen to them
  • I’m gutted Anton and Jerry went out of SCD
  • Being an ex-student is tiring!
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2 Responses to My first day at the BBC

  1. Bob says:

    Inspiring stuff

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