Running out of juice

Last week my blog saw its most successful week with over 150 views, which may not sound like an awful lot but for my little blog I’m happy with it! I now feel like Google has some sort of recognition of Life of an ex-student as most of the views came from search results for Carolyn Moore. So since then I have been too busy looking at how many different search terms have lead to my blog and not thought of anything amazing to write for this week.

I now have 15 minutes until my friend arrives and then we will be getting ready to go out tonight. As I’m going out tonight as an ex-student it’s only natural for me to mention my skepticism for how the night will end. Word on the street is that in one of the few places to go out in Chester there is a smurf night and the other club has a gay night which could be fun, unless it’s full of students.

I went out on Friday night with my older sister and her pals and I did pick up on how the bars we were in was full of old people. Again I feel like a nomad who is never happy with her nights out. There should be clubs that are over 21 and below 35.

So for now all I can come up with for this week is an excuse and a bit more complaining.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I prefer All Saints version of Under the Bridge to the RHCP version
  • I’m slowly deleting the promo people off facebook, there are just too many
  • Restarted watching The Hills, I now dislike Lauren Conrad
  • Had 50 ways to say goodbye by Train and One Directions new song in my head all week
  • Dip dyed my hair for the second time as only unemployed people can really get away with ridiculous hair
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