Potential puppy names

Now that my sisters wedding is long gone, we are starting to look at getting a puppy. I went with my Mum to look at some Alsatian puppies and they were very cute. Buying a puppy is a bit of an odd thing, although I do like being able to genuinely use the term I’m going to see a man about a dog. It’s tricky what to look for as all puppies are cute but as they’re expensive, caution must be taken not to fall for their puppy dog eyes.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I don’t see why people don’t do it more often. Next time I’m feeling a bit low I think I will call up a few local puppy adverts and organise a viewing one after another. If spending a day with loads of puppies doesn’t cheer a person up I don’t know what will.

On the way home we were trying to come up with good names for a dog. A couple of suggestions we came up with were Callie or Lexi (after our favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters) when Beyonce’s single ladies came on the radio. I joked about Beyonce being a good name for a puppy but now I think we may have to use this name for our next dog.

I was trying to think of other inspiring people that our puppy could be named after and also Nigella and Winona were starting to sound pretty good too. We’re planning on looking at a few other places so we haven’t got one yet but I’m sure when we pick one a name will come to us…..maybe Britney!

Thoughts from this week:

  • My new ringtone is the Downton Abbey theme tune
  • Working as a waitress makes you lose all track of what day it is
  • I have had Robbie Williams’ new song stuck in my head for two days
  • True Blood is back on TV which is exciting
  • Check out Ya Rosie on youtube it is funny stuff
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