Prince Harry’s Diaries

I have been feeling sorry for Prince Harry this week as the Sun has printed a picture of him practically naked on the front of their newspaper. Although there have been mixed views of the Prince’s behaviour I think he has done nothing wrong and it’s refreshing to see that he’s able to have fun considering his title. People who have been criticising him should remember that he serves our country in the Army and is not some drugged up brat who does nothing with his time apart from running around Vegas with no clothes on.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is how this is almost exactly the same as what happens to Anne Hathaway in the film The Princess Diaries. Both royals put their trust in the wrong hands and end up with embarrassing photos being published. I wonder whether Prince Harry has seen the film or if anyone else has pointed out to him the similarities of the events?

Apparently Harry’s “girlfriend” has dumped him after feeling humiliated by the photographs. I hope the Sunday Mirror is lying about this as it seems like a ridiculous reason to dump a prince. Harry still remains to be my favourite royal. He has made countless royal appearances recently and should be able to let his ginger hair down and get naked if he wants to.

Thoughts from this week:

  • I think my blog entries were getting too long so have tried to get back to 300 words
  • Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy has entertained me this week
  • Wish I had seen the Foo Fighter’s at Leeds Festival this weekend
  • Hating the fact X Factor is back on
  • Also wish I had been out with Rita Ora and Rizzle Kicks as they spent £10k on a night out
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