Greece vs UK

I recently went on holiday to Crete and this was my first trip to Greece. As I go away to France every year I was eager to visit somewhere new. Whilst there I noticed a number of big differences between the Greek and British way of life.

  1. Language– This is an obvious one but this was the first country I had visited that has it’s own alphabet. Road signs and food labels became impossible to read with their crazy added letters, which is not a problem I had had on other holidays.
  2. Laws– Greece seemed very laid back with so many things, like smoking in clubs which is apparently illegal and not wearing helmets on mopeds. We met some English girls who told us that when they went to Malia, they dressed up in Greek flags and the police went mental and accused them of being horrifically offensive. This wouldn’t be an issue in the UK as Geri Halliwell practically made it a fashion statement back in the 90’s.
  3. Board games- I really liked how many people I saw playing board games, like chess and backgammon. We saw several bars that had backgammon boards there and loads of people were using them. Walking around the city of Rethymnon we saw matches of chess being played which would be very rare in the UK. Our culture seems more obsessed with video games and other mind rotting activities like loitering.
  4. People- All of the Greek people we met were extremely friendly and helpful. As we didn’t speak a word of Greek some people we met tried their hardest to teach us some of the language although we found it very hard. They would always say “Greek is very simple. To say thank you, you say…..” and the word was about three times as long as its English equivalent.

Thoughts from this week:

  • Going out for breakfast is brilliant, we should do it more often
  • So glad that Tom Daley has won a medal
  • Air conditioning on airplanes ruins your throat
  • The Olympic closing ceremony was fantastic
  • Got my house deposit back with £20 knocked off, now don’t hate letting agencies as much
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