Students vs Letting Agents

One thing that has rattled me throughout my career as a student is the constant battle between letting agents and students. My latest dispute has involved our deposits and letting agents RMP Properties who were in charge of our house in Leeds.

When we moved into our house in September it was pretty dirty which we complained about as soon as we moved in. So when we left the house, we thought why should we clean someone else’s mess that was here before we moved in? But RMP were not happy with this.

They charged us for not cleaning the utility room which was a state when we got the house and other trivial things like ‘not washing the washing machine’, which I didn’t even know was a thing that needed cleaning. When speaking to the agents about this they said: “as tenants there is an expectation to leave the property clean and tidy” but I replied saying that there is an expectation for them to supply new tenants, paying £310 a month, with a clean house.

Will we get our £300 deposits back? Who knows, but maybe after hour long phone calls to the Deposit Protection Scheme hotline we would. But students and graduates are not the most active beings and the chances of us sitting on the phone trying to win our case instead of doing nothing all day in my experience is unlikely.

Thoughts from this week:

  • My email was hacked this week which was great fun
  • O2’s signal disappearing better provide me with some free stuff to compensate
  • There’s going to be a Fleetwood Mac reunion
  • I’m having dreams about falling over at graduation which is two weeks away
  • This blog entry will be my 1000th tweet
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One Response to Students vs Letting Agents

  1. Cleanmachine says:

    You didn’t wash your washing machine??? you animal!

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