Just another blog of a journalism graduate

Like every person attempting to be a journalist, I have blogs. I never really enjoyed writing my blogs as most of them were reflective blogs for my university work but now that I have graduated maybe now I can write about something more interesting than the best ways to write for online news.

I will aim to put up a blog entry once a week, but I’m sure that every blogger in my situation says that. One thing I did learn about writing for online is to keep it short and sweet and that is what I shall do. I will be writing about things I get up to after university and will include lists because I like to be organised and it’s another way to keep online content easy to read.

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2 Responses to Just another blog of a journalism graduate

  1. Arif says:

    Hi Francesca, we all agreed you lit up the sitting room in the St. Anton Chalet when you came in, and made everyone feel special by talking and responding to each of us. You are “Full of the joy of life” and that’s always amazing in people.
    I met Christian Panter in Zermatt last month, and out of nowhere, just recently he sent me this link.

    So I sent his this one back

    (I hope you like them.)

    Here’s to living in the moment, and living our ultimate dream! Your blog is great. I’ve read blogs before, but I’ve never met the person who wrote them.
    If I imagined I wrote the best one I could, it would be just like the ones you write. Good luck in the Marathon! You make it sound fun and achievable, despite it being a big thing – and its hard doing the big, tough things, but they make us grow, and connect with whom we ultimately are – our higher selves.
    I’ll make sure I sponsor you also before the event. Take care!

  2. Arif says:

    Oops, second link was wrong! Here it is.

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